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Mary DeCaprio


Born and raised on Long Island, I have been around photography my whole life. I studied commercial photography while in high school and from a very early age began shooting weddings and portraiture. While most of my focus has been on photographing weddings and portraiture, recently I have become more and more involved with the fine art genre of photography. While they are very different kinds of photography, evoking an emotional response to my images is an essential part of my photographic journey. Telling a story, connecting with people, and inspiring those who view my work is what makes me push myself to become a better photographer. The love and passion that I have for photography as an art form is something that keeps me moving forward. I think as an artist you owe it to yourself to explore and grow. Through my exploration of the fine art genre of photography I hope to lose my way and find my heart and soul.


Seas The Day
Determined Angler Color
Surfer's Dream

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